Climbers Against Cancer Challenge: 6 Awesome Walls in 24 Hours

This weekend, one of our youngest climbers is embarking on an extraordinary challenge: climbing at all six Awesome Walls centres across the UK and Ireland within 24 hours to raise money for Climbers Against Cancer.

Lucie, a regular climber at Awesome Walls Stockport, began her climbing journey at the young age of 5. Now, at 11 years old, she is undertaking this remarkable feat to raise funds for Climbers Against Cancer. Her determination and spirit are inspiring, and any donation to support her cause would be greatly appreciated🙏🏻.

Lucie’s challenge will commence at 5 PM on 7th June at Awesome Walls Dublin. From there, she will move on to Cork, Liverpool, Stockport, Stoke, and will conclude her adventure at 5 PM on 8th June in Sheffield. However, this is no simple task. At each wall, Lucie will be tackling three boulder problems and three rope climbs, pushing her skills and endurance to the limit.

Lucie’s passion for climbing and her commitment to a great cause underscore the heart of our climbing community. We are incredibly proud of her ambition and dedication, and we hope that her journey will inspire others to take on challenges and support meaningful causes.

You can support Lucie and Climbers Against Cancer by making a donation via the link below. Every contribution, no matter the size, will make a difference and encourage Lucie as she strives to complete this monumental challenge.

Thank you for your support,

Dave Douglas

CEO & Founder, Awesome Walls Climbing Centres


UPDATE: She Did It!

Lucie finished her final climb at Awesome Walls Sheffield with just under 5 minutes to spare! What an incredible achievement. Huge congratulations and a massive thankyou to Lucie’s dad, Adam for the long hours of driving, catching flights and his total admiration and support for Lucie.

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